Waymark Demo

This page is for demonstration purposes. The information displayed in the following Maps is not intended to be true or accurate.

View Waymark on the WordPress plugin directory.

Embedding a Map

Once you have created your Map, it can be added to your content using the provided Waymark shortcode. Click on the “View Details” link to view extra details about this Map.

Create Interactive Maps

Text and images can be added to Markers, Lines and Shapes. Try clicking on a coloured area.

Canadian Provinces

Share your Places

Each Maps allows the user to display their current location, so smartphone users can find their way using your Map.

Courtenay Brewery Tour

Overlay Multiple Maps

Maps can be organised using Collections. Displaying a Collection (using the supplied shortcode) will display all Maps associated with that Collection.

Demo Collection

Watch the Video

Watch the Getting Started video to see how easy it is to create Maps using Waymark.